Parkside develops compostable film range - read more

October 06, 2016

Steve McCormick, new product development director at Parkside, said: “Environmentally aware brand owners, retailers and consumers have a choice of barrier packs that can be disposed of in a composting environment.

Allpack Packaging - Compostable Bag - Innovation

Parkside, has created a pioneering range of paper and film barrier lamination films that are fully compostable and suitable for both home and industrial composting.

Parkside is the first flexible packaging company in the world to successfully produce a range of barrier laminates that have completed the rigorous disintegration and eco-toxicity testing for home composting with recognised European laboratory, OWS. The duplex and triplex laminate structures have attained full accreditation under Vincotte’s OK Compost Home and Seedling certification after achieving a high degree of compostability even at ambient temperatures.

Flexible packaging materials are often unsuitable for recycling due to their multilayer lamination or co-extrusion nature as the recycler cannot separate the different materials. As a result, many flexible packaging products end up going to landfill or being incinerated. The compostable flexible packaging solutions developed by Parkside are a credible alternative to landfilling and incineration for non-recyclable packaging designs and environmentally sensitive brands.