Fischbein 400NS


Allpack Packaging Technologies - Fischbein 400NS - Plain Sewing Model 400

 The versatile model 400 NS plain-sew is specifically designed for 

medium to high volume bagging applications requiring operating
speeds up to 55 linear feet per minute. The heavy-duty 400 NS is
easy to operate even in the most demanding industrial environments.
This innovate sewing system will close a variety of bag types to
include multi-wall paper, woven and laminated woven polypropylene.

The 400 NS features the Empress 100™ sewing head with its self
lubricating design, an adjustable height pedestal with casters, an
automated infeed system, pneumatic thread cutter and a corrosion
resistant epoxy painted finish. Fischbein versatile sewing systems
can be used in semi or fully automated bagging operations.

The 400 NS comes in 5 different models with features that include
coders, rotary-knife system, bag tagger and fold-over infeeds and
more. For maximum performance use Fischbein sewing thread and
genuine Fischbein parts.

Model Number: 400 NS Plain Sew
Model Number: 400 NS Plain Sew – Rotary Knife
Model Number: 400 NS Plain Sew – Tagger
Model Number: 400 NS Plain Sew – Fold Over
Model Number: 400 NS Plain Sew – Fold Over & Rotary Knife



• Pedestal mounted
• Plain sewn closure
• Full feature/option model
• Speed 25 to 55 fpm
• Height adjustable
• Automated infeed system
• 1 HP motor
• Minimum of 6” bag free top
• NEMA 12 rated electrics
• Voltages 230/380/460/575

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