Fischbein DRC-300


Allpack Packaging Technologies - Fischbein DRC-300

The Double Roll Closer 300 is a continuous hot melt sealing system designed to secure most open mouth flat or gusseted multi-wall paper bags weighing from 2 to 25 pounds. The system comes standard with a variable speed drive which allows production rates up to 80 linear feet per minute. This compact, self-contained sealing system automatically and precisely trims the top of each bag before it enters the folder system. The DRC 300’s Spiral Glide Folder™ technology insures single, precise and repeatable bag fold every time - then a pre-measured bead of hot melt adhesive is applied to the bag face just below the first fold. The bag enters the final folder section where a second bag top fold is made onto the bead of hot melt adhesive creating a secure, esthetic bag seal. DRC 300 closures are commonly used on consumer oriented products like pet food and food pre-mixes. Optional TRS-100™ pneumatic trim removal and collection system is now available.

A user-friendly control panel makes the DRC 300 safe and easy to use. The complete system readout displays temperature, air flow, and line speed. Additional features include dual emergency stop buttons, variable speed drive system, motorized height adjustment and bag jam - break away sensor feature. The cost-effective DRC 300 is compatible with semi and fully automated bagging lines.


• Pedestal mounted
• Open mouth paper bags
• Hot melt adhesive type sealer
• Standard operation R – L
• Spiral Folder™ technology
• Fold width 5/8” to 1”
• Bag weight 2 to 20 lbs
• Speed variable to 80 fpm
• Bag jam detection system
• Minimum of 6” bag free top
• NEMA 12 rated electrics
• Voltages from 230/460 VAC

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