Fischbein PILS-300


Allpack Packaging technologies - Fischbein PILS-300

Designed to close a pre-glued, pinch style bag with a heat-sealable PE inner liner, the Fischbein PILS 300 delivers two distinct types of bag seals; the model 300 first seals the bag’s PE inner liner, then reactivates the bag’s pre-applied hot melt adhesive strip and automatically folds over the top of the bag forming the perfect sift-proof bag closure. The sift-proof closure makes this bag style perfect for use with certain food products, food additives, dry chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and pet food products.

PILS 300 is engineered with a high-speed, maintenance free, direct drive system that maximizes production on semi or fully automated bagginglines and an extended non-stick folder blade that results in bag closuresunmatched for reliability. The PILS 300 operates at speeds up to 75 feet per minute. The machine features high efficiency heaters that reduce energy requirements by 10 percent and deliver the precise amount of heat to the bag top, allowing for faster production with less energy use. The system’s mobile, height adjustable frame and Fischbein’s breakaway feature make maintenance safe and fast. Other innovative features include a safe, user friendly, low voltage control panel, air flow sensor, over-temperature shutdown sensor to prevent overheating and a bag jam sensor. The PILS 300 is a valuable addition to any bagging line.


• Pedestal mounted
• Pinch style bag with PE liner
• Sift-proof closure
• Hermetic seal of PE liner
• Standard operation R – L
• Speed variable to 75 fpm
• Bag jam detection system
• Minimum of 6” bag free top
• NEMA 12 rated electrics
• Voltages from 230/460 VAC

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